Our Wines

2016 is our first vintage. These wines are available at select retailers and restaurants, as well as directly from the winery.

Roussanne Label Our Roussanne is rich and creamy with toasty aromas and notes of melon, honey, and chamomile tea. Fermented in neutral oak.

100% Roussanne

Dos Hermanas Label Dos Hermanas ("two sisters" in Spanish) owes its name to the Roussanne and Marsanne it is made from as they are often called the "French Sisters". This wine includes a touch of Viognier which is a bit like an eccentric aunt for those sisters, adding delicate floral and fruity aromas of its own.

45% Roussanne, 45% Marsanne, and 10% Viognier

Rose Label Our Rosé was fermented slowly at cool temperatures to preserve the bright fruit flavors. Dominant are notes of cherry and raspberry. This wine is crisp, fruity, and refreshing. Served slightly chilled, it's great on its own but pairs well with many foods. 100% Mourvedre

Featured on the 2016 Rosé label is Energia by Arizona artist Marina Rynning. Each year the rosé label will feature new contemporary art by various Arizona artists.

Syrah Label The high deserts of southern Arizona, with their rocky, well drained soils, offer ideal growing conditions for Syrah. This example is rich and velvety, and following ancient French traditions, it was co-fermented with a touch of Viognier to enhance its aromatics.

95% Syrah and 5% Viognier