How to Buy

Please ask about Laramita Cellars wines at your local retailer. More and more retailers, better bars, and restaurants are carrying our wines. If you can't find them though, there are options.

Visit the Vineyard - Although the tasting room isn't open yet, we love doing vineyard tours. The vineyard is a little less than a one and a half hour drive from Tucson. Why not come down for a visit? Call for an appointment. (480) 560-2605

Call to Place an Order - If you live in Tucson or the greater Phoenix area, delivery is free for an order of two bottles or more. Please call to place an order. (480) 560-2605

Order Online - If you live elsewhere in Arizona or anywhere in Missouri please use our online store (click HERE). We cannot accept orders placed between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM due to Arizona law. Also, orders can only be shipped in the cooler fall and winter months (it's an Arizona thing).

If you aren't in Arizona or Missouri please reach out to us. We are working to add more states. Perhaps we can get licensed to ship to yours.